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Soul Deli, Surry Hills

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I’m listening to Giveon’s latest album, and it’s a little clear that this guy has suffered in an intimate relationship in his lifetime (he is the person who wrote Heartbreak Anniversary, after all). There’s something special about the pain of an affair that lasts longer than the abrasions one gets from walking into the door frame.

However, the reverse is also true. There’s a thrill and a feeling of passion you can only experience through soul-penetrating love. It’s not the same as getting a promotion at work or witnessing the butterfly changing lanes (this is when two vehicles switch lanes simultaneously in opposite directions, which I am obsessed with every time it happens right in my path).

There’s also a feeling of love that you will feel while you enjoy the mouthwatering food served in Soul Deli.

It is located in the heart area of Surry Hills (why does it seem like I’m trying to sell you a studio in a bad place in town?); Soul Deli has been able to establish itself as a beloved local spot while also attracting customers from the north, southeast, west, and north across the border to enjoy their trendy Korean menu.

Let’s get amongst it.

Soul Deli’s most popular item made me want to pay a monthly fee to ensure I could get it on demand at any time. A piece of chicken thigh that was perfected in the oven and then coated on top with a sweet chili sauce (I would have never been able to say no to another or four) over three fluffy buttermilk pancakes.

The butter and syrup are some additional elements to the mix and create an explosive flavor bomb that Michael Jordan lifts off from the free-throw line (by my way, I do not dish out the Jordan reference often; it’s a high-priced equivalent of the honor of getting knighted by Queen Elizabeth).

With a perfect balance like an Olympic gymnast, you’ll get the umami taste from the cherry’s saltiness and peppery zing. You also get the scent of truffle and delicious bread. Soul Deli is a gourmet restaurant where Soul Deli wizards account for everything, just like your tax accountant, who is familiar with every specific deduction that is available during tax season.

During the process of eating this Spanish egg omelet, I felt like I was in Spain with a quiet S. I Couldn’t wait till I came back and enjoyed this one more.

I’m sure that I was at Soul Deli at breakfast time; however, anyone who says that you shouldn’t eat fries in the morning is trying to limit your awesomeness.

Please don’t allow them to do this.

Crunchy fries topped with a deliciously smooth sauce as well as cheese. A brilliant idea on paper. It was my responsibility not to eat the fries immediately because they took time to cool down and lose a little crunch but retained all the rich flavor.

There is nobody to blame but the man on the other side of that mirror (what is a fantastic Michael Jackson track, by the way).

I highly recommend this bowl of food to anyone affected by winter blues.

All those negative feelings of burden, the unimaginable burden of a difficult moment, lifted when I consumed one spoonful at a time of the porridge. It’s the equivalent of eating therapy or a karaoke night where you’re singing a sad song following a tragic theme.

It’s so tasty and relaxing and leaves the user with a warm stomach as it reminds you that it will all be okay.

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