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S’More – Castlecrag

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At some point, I’ll become far less of a Punisher, but I’ll be less Jon Bernthal. However, while I’ve got some left to burn, I’m going to channel my energy to highlighting the top food and cooking talent that the world offers.

There are few greater talents than my friend The Big Sam Young and his partner in the criminal fantasticananana, who have launched an eatery in the neighborhood called S’More located in Castlecrag.

Sam Young (BSY) and his wife Grace have made the Sydney food tours with their partner Grace from Lotus for private dining. They have established a permanent home on the lower north shore of Sydney.

Premium Australian ingredients that have an Asian flair and twist is my one-line review, but if you’re seeking a few more songs, I’ll take you to the museum:

There’s no better bread than this.

Really, is this the opening venue? This is similar to the prime Matthew Hayden and Justin Langer taking to the field of Australia’s Australian cricket side at the beginning of 2000. It’s a great way to kick off the season.

The bread is quite sturdy with a soft middle and incredibly sweet. Miso butter is powerful, delicious, and delicious; it is begging to be spread over the bread.

Sam himself insisted on getting the tomatoes so that we could add another substance that would soak into the bread that is in-bread-ible, and who can we not agree with him?

A fantastic local product at its best, The nectarine was the most memorable for me, which was a perfect match with the toast.

There’s a little crunch and the mashed potatoes inside…well, it’s what you’ll think if you aren’t reading the menu correctly. And then, out of the blue, that salted egg yolk pops out and smacks your tongue like a cool Eclipse mint (except it’s runny and stuffed with umami instead of peppermint).

Caviar is a must garnish, in my opinion, since it gives a hint of the ocean, which elevates this to a level similar to Ja Morant, who catches one.

It’s a complete mistake to overlook this meal when you go to hit the restaurant S’More.

I am a fan of tartare (it’s an essential meal anytime it’s available on the menu), and this one by the S’More team is one of a kind. A little spice and funk that comes from an acidic chili ferment is an excellent choice. What about the crisps? The potatoes are tested, and their sugar levels are monitored to ensure that they don’t cook too fast in the deep-frying process.

It’s a much more rigorous procedure than the one Google requires its employees to undergo. If my boss reads this, it was an omission. I don’t know what the Google screening process is like. And if Google is watching this…sh*t.

And I’m sure I’ve already said the bread was fantastic and this rice. The rice was so delicious that I’d eat it three times and take mice’s pellets since a single serving would not suffice.

It was so smoky, and the charcoal was amazing (thank you, my humble clay pot). The most important ingredient is the sprinkle of corn, which gives an extra sweetness to each bite.

One of the specialties from BSY graces our table, and I would never want to let it go. A large portion of lobster sits in a trance and is waiting for you to dig into it or sprinkle it with truffles.

Wait, what?

The texture of the Maldini pasta was perfect, as was the lobster, which tasted perfect. It was a luxurious meal, but why wouldn’t it be? You’ve earned me the privilege of being a little shellfish.

Wow, this was great.

One could refer to it as the top of the crop.

I am Some.

For a final touch, S’More edible memories for us to reminisce about in the future. Money can indeed disappear (as does my back and hair), But the way that a meal strikes you and the feelings it brings is something you’ll want to revisit and relish even a single S’more.

Thank you for listening to my TED talk the next time.

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