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Enjoy your perfect morning and enjoy the ideal Breakfast Scones. The mix of cinnamon and fresh butter makes for fluffy scones that have oatmeal flavor. The sweetness comes from the sliced dried dates that have been pitted, elevating the taste to an unbeatable level. There isn’t a more delicious breakfast treat with butter than these Scones!



  1. Bake at 200C until forced. Grease the sides and base of a medium-sized, straight-sided roasting pan with butter. Sift cinnamon and flour into an enormous bowl. Mix in sugar. Add butter, and rub with your fingertips until the mixture is like coarse breadcrumbs. (see tip)
  2. Reserve two tablespoons of date to use as the topping. Add the rest of the dates to the flour mixture. Make a hole in the middle. Add milk. Utilizing a flat-blade knife, mix until the milk is incorporated. Make use of your hands to bring together until you have dough. Spread the dough out on the bench, lightly dusted with flour. Make sure to knead until it is smooth gently. Don’t over-knead. Make sure to pat the dough out until it is 2.5cm thick.
  3. Make use of a 6.5cm circle cutter dusted in flour to cut Scones. Make a ball of dough, then knead lightly, then pat it out and cut more Scones. Put 1cm apart in the prepared tray.
  4. To make the oat topping, melt the butter in a heatproof jug. Stir in syrup until well combined. Pour the mixture over the oats in an oat bowl. Mix until sticky and combined. Finely chop the dates that you have reserved and stir into them.
  5. Scone tops with extra milk, and then put mounds of ending on top of each scone.
  6. For 35 mins or so, bake until golden. Remove from the oven and apply a glaze with the remaining butter that has melted. Lightly drizzle using golden syrup. Serve scones cut in half using Wester Star Spreadable.

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