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Blackbear BBQ, Wetherill Park

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Let’s enter an old-fashioned time machine.

The week before Christmas, seven years ago. I was 23 and wandering through a shopping center looking for an ornament for Christmas (I think I chose an oversized hoodie to show off my inability to gain weight in training).

While I was walking around, I spotted an enormous line outside Toys R Us. Imagine the lines in front of the Apple Store before the release of the new iPhone. I was completely confused about what kind of toy in the present day required a wait this long. I asked a pleasant-looking guy in the line what was happening, and he stared me in the face and stated:

” This is the Barbie queue.”

Huh. I’m with my man. I prefer a BBQ at the Blackbear BBQ restaurant located in Wetherill Park but to each their own.

God Give me a signal that my life is going to improve

Blackbear BBQ has quickly established itself as a benchmark for slow-cooked, American-style BBQ in Australia. We’re not able to go to Texas at this moment, so thank God we have a piece (or, as in the case of, ours, multiple portions) of Texas that can be delivered to us here.

There are several packs/platters/combos and everything else in between available to you. Before we set off towards Wetherill Park, the only viable strategy we had was eating the most meat we could. Watch how our plan came to fruition:

500g of slow-cooked beef brisket

It is the best way to judge the quality of a BBQ location than to devour its Brisket. The most important test for all barbecuetionists is to take a normally inexpensive piece of meat, simmer it and low, and transform it into beef butter after it is sucked into the mouth of a customer.

We went with the beef brisket portion of 500g. The brisket we picked was very thin (it is a long time since I’ve had BBQ that I didn’t remember to strike the staff with my standard “fatty brisket please” line); however, they were very tasty. The bark was delicious, and the meat was extremely flavorful.

500g of smoked pork belly

When my Brisket was thin, the pork belly was made to make up for its thickness. It’s a little sweet due to Blackbear’s distinctive rub. This is as delicious as you can get from pork belly. The bark was as bite-sized as the bark, and it was smashed in such an amazing way.

The meat was so soft that I would like to include it in tacos, sandwiches, dates, massage parlors, and Fried rice. There’s a lot to list.

Jalapeno & cheese hotlink

The perfect balance of spice, a little cheese, and a wonderful barbecue honey sauce. Oh, wee, what an amazing combination. What about the texture? A gorgeous Snap similar to your girlfriend who is always there to take the perfect selfie whenever you’re in need of it. That basically sums up this wonderful sausage.

Tater tots

Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, perfectly spiced.

This is me from my visit to New Caledonia back in 2010; however, it’s also applicable to these delicious tater-tots. Then, dip them into the BBQ sauce for a different flavor and delightful flavor.

A full rack of beef short ribs

Like I said, I’m sure we didn’t do enough research as we should’ve before going to Blackbear. I didn’t know that the short ribs were usually not available until lunchtime ….and I decided to call and arrive at around 10 am.

However, we weren’t to be disappointed, and God is good that they were worth the wait. The famous bark of Blackbear was back. The meat was tender and oh as soft as me after the first time I heard of Adele’s “30. They epitomize what a beef short rib ought to taste like.

For anyone who has forgotten, this website actually has up-to-date reviews of restaurants and food at one time:

  • It is possible to call ahead and make an appointment to order the short rib so that you don’t get there at the last minute and be disappointed.
  • For a fatty brisket, indulge. You deserve it.
  • Connect with your hot links and tater-tots as well as the pork belly. You might want to bring a team along (the chicken Maryland looked like a prime piece of beef).

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