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KFC Degustation

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When I think of KFC, I envision eating 12 scrumptious wings at once with a big portion of chips and a bowl of delicious gravy…and devouring this feast of deep-fried delights wearing a stained t-shirt, and sometimes, with no pants on.

I’m not thinking of fine dining, servers in a dress to impress, or a feature light that resembles an instrument.

We find ourselves ….at KFC Degustation; chef brilliant Nelly Robinson of Nel Restaurant hosted the event.

Disclaimer: The invitation to attend this event by the KFC team; however, all opinions remain my own.

Thanks for KFC thanking me for being invited to this party.

I rarely comment on things such as the decor (I am the one who has fourteen Funko pops from Dragon Ball Z and Star Wars characters in my office), but I was impressed by how elegant and chic the decor was. This wasn’t your typical neighborhood KFC as well, and the food menu I was about to eat was not your standard fare either.

The Full Menu. And yes, there are eleven courses.

Okay, enough of the preamble. Let’s start with the food.

Do you Call That a Burger? Secret dusting, cheese, and tomato

Let me start by dissecting the most bizarre hamburger I’ve ever eaten. More tomato-based marshmallow than your usual filet burgers, the soft marshmallow was like smoky tomatoes (minus all the liquid). Still, it was more delicious than the crumbs you’d normally find on the side of your greased KFC bucket.

If this doesn’t appeal to you, then you probably aren’t a fan of KFC as much as I do.

Zinger Katsu. Micro Zinger, katsu jus, curry mayo, dill all on a potato pillow

One of the most appealing features of this meal is the fact that it’s made for the people who are fans.

This isn’t only for people wanting to go to the latest fancy restaurant. This is for people who bleed gravy; this is for those who wept when they heard of the ravaging shortage of wings. This is for people who post on KFC’s Instagram to revive Golden Gaytime Krushers regularly and for people who think that Supercharged sauce is a top-five condiment ever.

I want to clarify. Every menu item has some aspect of the core KFC menu item. In this instance Zinger, Zinger is exactly how you’ve come to expect, only elevated through the sheer skill of Chef Nelly. Its potato pillows have a delicious crunch and are the perfect container to store the cult Zinger fillet.

What a great time living in the present.

Supercharged Wings. Fire is done in three ways.

They were utterly amazing. They were served at the table and were ignited. Then, a touch of smoking seasoning and KFC’s famous Supercharged sauce swiftly turned into one of my favorite meals of the evening.

Do not try to make this at home using the aid of a Zippo and Ketchup; you’ve been warned.

Potato and Gravy. Chicken fat KFC gravy candle and a potato bun

Culinary imagination at its finest. We were given a rather unassuming candle as we first settled down at our table, unaware that it would be the basis of our final course.

The candle was constructed entirely of chicken fat. A waiter waited until the candle had transformed into an emerald-like pool of liquid gold before adding KFC gravy over it. I then dipped the potato bun in the mixture like I was Vince Carter in the 2000 NBA Dunk Contest.

Zinger Kingfish with smoked yogurt slaw and lobster pow pow

What a daring crossover. Kingfish with meaty pieces spiced with Zinger salt. They are absolutely crazy. Do you remember a few paragraphs ago when I mentioned that the Supercharged Wings is my favorite course?

I didn’t lie; this one was. I love the way a flavor we’re familiar with was utilized to enhance the enjoyment of Kingfish. It’s a total marvel…and it’s not even speaking of Iron Man.

Tongue Twister with KFC, tomato, lettuce, and pepper mayo

The truth is that I was puzzled when the food was served. The food was not exactly 2D. However, the dish was flat, and I wanted to perform the classic Zoolander quote, wondering if it was a dish for insects.

However, I was told that the most efficient method of eating is to lick the entire meal of the plates. It’s been a long time since we went from the taste of licking your fingers to plates lickin’ good.

Twister Sister with micro tender, lettuce, pearl barley risotto, sun-dried tomato, and pepper mayo.

This is the recipe I’d like to make at home the most. Because it was delicious and also because I believe my 4/10 cooking abilities might be able to create an acceptable imitation.

It’s also the one I can easily imagine having 11 servings in a single sitting. It was delicious and a delight to eat (my favorite part of this included the sun-dried tomato).

Popcorn chicken with celeriac soup, mushroom gnocchi, basil

The next paragraph must be read to the rhythm of the poem by Jack Harlow, the poet of What’s Poppin.

What’s poppin’? New soup has just come in.

I’ve got options. I could put this in my mouth, like Stockton.

Just joshin’, I’m going to spend the entire time stuck in.

It is the exact opposite of the toxins.

Degustation, top ten

La di da drumstick with quinoa and GOLD

I don’t have any gold medals on my trophy case. However, I can claim that I’ve had the pleasure of having a KFC drumstick that was loaded with gold.

Is it too soon to have a tombstone erected with this logo?

Chips for Dessert featuring just one KFC chip, wattle seed ice cream, burnt pineapple, and mead

I don’t connect KFC with desserts the way I don’t think of Balenciaga as a fashionable fashion. Yet there we are.

I’m not going to say it lightly, but this could be one of the most loved desserts I’ve eaten in recent times. It’s the way Chef Nelly, along with his crew, transformed the KFC chip into the most crisp Potato wafer topping. I loved the ice cream containing wattle seeds and the zing of pineapple, too.

Beautiful (should be read with Owen Wilson’s voice of Owen Wilson).

Our Chocolate Mousse with KFC’s chocolate mousse and popping candy

KFC’s chocolate mousse has been reinvented and remade for your consumption pleasure. Rich, decadent, and delicious with a touch of crackle, snap, and pop, brought to you by some fathers of candy.

And the smoke? This Dessert is made of fire.

Petit Krusher with chocolate and peppermint

I believe the reason that this was the final Dessert was purely symbolic, and it was the taste.

The flex is an indication, and this is a way for people to show that they have RUSHED it.

… I’ll be able to see myself out.

Baby, you light up my world like nobody else.

The short version for anyone thinking this is a clever April Fool’s Day joke.

  • You can make a reservation by visiting the site. It appears that there’s a waiting list, but you have to be on it to win.
  • This is intended for KFC enthusiasts, fans of fast food, and those who are looking to have a good time while eating Fried chicken.
  • Let me drink with a river ….yeah I got that joke in my head, but there was no way to tell it, and here’s the trick.

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