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Beyond the Food with John from Ice Kirin Bar

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Is there a food item from the past of Earth that has a better approval score than ice cream?

Do you remember hearing someone tell you, “God, You know what’s underrated? F*cking Ice cream.” The only conversation that you have to listen to about Ice cream is the flavor debate or whether the best way to enjoy ice cream is in a cone, cup, or straight out of the tub with the help of a spoon when Celine Dion’s “All By Myself” flows from the Google Nest.

Let’s keep the discussion underway. I, the person who claimed it was the case that Cow & Moon was home to Sydney’s finest gelato, could have to change that assertion since there’s an incoming leader in the top spot and, more specifically, located in Burwood. And the name of that leader is Ice Kirin Bar. Ice Kirin Bar…let’s learn more about the geniuses behind the delicious gelato.

Isaac, What are the things you can remember about your first encounter with Ice cream?

John This must be soft served at McDonald’s and especially as a sauce for your fries. However, what truly blew me away was the small batch of handmade gelato shops. They showed me how ice cream (Gelato) is individual, delicious, and personal.

Isaac then fills in the gap between that epic event and the moment when the Ice Kirin Bar comes to life.

John: I once worked as a sales executive in one of the largest Gelato equipment/ingredients/packaging companies in Australia. It was a privilege to have worked closely with some of the top Gelateria/dessert bars in Sydney. A lot of them offered Asian flavor. However, I’ve always believed they could be more authentic. So, here I am.

Isaac, outside of the food industry, What do you take your ideas from for the gelato-making process?

John Browsing Asian supermarkets, as well as Bubble Tea shops, always give me fresh ideas.

Isaac: Once you’ve got your concept, how much is going into creating that flavor?

John: Firstly, we need to source the best quality or most suitable raw materials/ingredients for this particular flavor we want to make. Then, it’s just trial and trial until the team members are content with the result.

Isaac, What was the very first “oh wow, I think we’ve made it/we’re onto something” thought?

JohnTo admit it, we’ve never had such an idea, but there’s always a variety of feedback, and not all are favorable.

Isaac: Is he ready for the Lightning Round? Cup or cone?

John: Cup

Isaac, What is coffee or tea?

John: Tea

Isaac, Hot dogs or burgers?

John: Burger

Isaac’s Favorite film of all time?

John The Lord Of The Rings and Marvel series

Isaac, Which is something you are excited about your followers discovering?

John, What is the real meaning behind our title, Ic,e Kirin Bar? (probably only a Mandarin-speaking person would understand the purpose).

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