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Beyond the Food with Chloe Sue

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Reminiscences of a now-famous sound echo through Old Trafford, signaling that Cristiano Ronaldo scored a goal, adding to the scores prior to it. All are linked to a memory and instant in.

Echoes of a name that is a sign of a new and visually appealing photo of fashion, food, or a moment that was photographed by one of Sydney’s top and most talented food and style influencers: Chloe Sue.

Isaac: Tell us what was it that prompted you to start writing about and reporting on Sydney’s food scene. Sydney eating scene?

Chloe, My favorite thing to do is take a bite out and visit different places to eat with my friends. I’ve always shared my experience on Instagram. I’m interested in photography, and instead of judging whether the food is good or not, I like food style and making sure the food looks nice in photos. It was about four years ago (or perhaps longer) that I was given an opportunity on Instagram to go to an event that included a number of foodies. The rest was history when I met several fellow foodies who shared the same interests, and I began to socialize with them regularly.

Isaac Isaac: Besides eating, you have a hand in fashion and beauty brands. How do you manage to do all of these different tasks?

Chloe: Yes! In the beginning, it wasn’t my plan to focus solely on the food industry on Instagram. However, I wanted to share my everyday life with regard to fashion, beauty, travel, and fashion. But I think the viewers are different. Similar to those following me on my pages for food, people are looking for excellent restaurants and new cafes, as well as anything else related to food, and fashion-conscious people aren’t keen to be able to view so much food; I’m guessing? So I started a new page only for fashion/modeling/beauty/events, which is @chloesueeee, and it seems to work out and help me balance out my interests. My job also involves marketing and PR, and it’s not difficult for me to manage two accounts since this is the way I work.

Isaac, What was it like when restaurants and brands first began reaching out to you?

Chloe, It was a feeling of gratitude and a huge sense of satisfaction that my efforts were recognized and appreciated. I will do my best to produce good quality content for myself and also to promote your brand with all my abilities.

Isaac, What’s the most memorable restaurant tale you’ve ever had to tell the world?

Chloe: Hard question! There are many choices to make! For me, a great story is inextricably linked with the organization. Recently, I’ve been to some places I’ve been to that I really enjoyed.

  • Sokyo Chinese New Year celebration with my girls. I took a few of my best friends to Sokyo to celebrate festivals of the CNY celebration. It was during a time when the rules were being relaxed. We hadn’t spoken to each other for quite a while, and we were so happy to be reunited with absolutely stunning food. We enjoyed the most delicious sushi platter that included everything you could want, such as lobster, scampi caviar, and sashimi that was fresh and delicious and finished off with dry ice (of course, the dry ice makes the food more delicious (LOL or is it only me) When you’re in the company of good people, great food and a glass of bubbly, it’s an enjoyable story and memorable for me.
  • Another unique memory I cherish is the time I organized an event with my colleagues in Melbourne in January. It was a collaboration between the fashion company Camilla and Silks restaurant located in Crown Towers to celebrate the CNY. CNY influenced the new collection of Camilla. The Red color, along with the Zebra/Tiger elements, says everything, and it was perfect with the characteristics of the restaurant (Silks is a Chinese eatery). I was able to meet an all-new group of highly skilled individuals, and the food and dresses enthralled the customers. Professionally speaking, the rise in brand recognition was a great event for me.
  • I finally made it to Yoshii’s Omakase this week, and it was the most enjoyable Omakase experience that I’ve experienced. This was like eating art. I’m a sucker for food presentation quite a bit. Everything was fresh and caused me to miss Japan in a way. The chef was so gracious and all the time was explaining the details of each dish, and he kept us entertained. It was a great setting and perfect staff.

Isaac, what suggestions do you have for someone who is an aspiring creator of content?

ChloeKeep is making high-quality and relevant content, and you’ll be noticed sooner or later.

Isaac: Where do you see @chloesueee in 2030?

That is an interesting query since it’s something people have been asking for a long time (especially recently). I was not content being an author of food-related content at the time I began with the fashion section. After years of networking, connections, and experience, I was able to provide advice to companies in the area of optimizing their marketing strategies and organizing events. I was able to become a marketing/PR professional. It’s a great balance between being in front of cameras and being in the background.
In 10 years in 10 years, I’ll work in the industry and make more and better in the near future, for sure. But the Chloesueeee’s page could turn into an eating-out page; we’ll wait and see!

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