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Trader Joe’s Sun-Dried Tomato Focaccia Turkey Sandwich

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I cooked this dish last week for an easy meal for a weekend. I made my pesto. It was delicious. I’m thinking of bringing the sandwich to my girls’ weekend the next time! Thank you for a simple, put-together, excellent sandwich!

This sandwich is in my food hall of honor. We put together a video of the sandwich on the spur of the moment just a few months ago. Now it has 4 million views, which means there’s no doubt that it’s not just me who likes the crunch of red onion, pesto sauce, juicy tomatoes, turkey, greens, and other ingredients on a soft focaccia with sun-dried tomatoes in an enormous large, heavy sauced handcrafted.

It’s worth the drive into Trader Joe’s.

How To Make This Sandwich

Step 1: Toast and Cut The Focaccia

Toast bread to 400 ° for about 5-8 minutes (it’s more flavorful). After that, while keeping it on its side, cut the bread with an elongated knife horizontally through the middle.

Cut off the top part and put it away. Make sure the crumbly side is in the direction of the top!

Step 2: Spread a Layer of Pesto Mayo

I prefer the Costco pesto that I mix with mayonnaise here. However, the pesto is equally good!

Step 3: Add Your Sandwich Materials

I love turkey, tomatoes, sprouts, greens, and red onions.

Step 4: Add A Little More Mayo

Oddly,  it’s a bit weird, but I dollop some mayonnaise on top, so you don’t need to flip your bread’s top slice upside down and then lose all the crumbles.

Step 5: Place the Top Piece Back On and Squish It Down

Secure and nice!

Step 6: Cut and Serve

A clean cut through the middle is so satisfying!

Lindsay’s Notes

It’s my sandwich of soul.

I’ve had 70 of these sandwiches in the past three months. It turns out that a combo of pesto, mayo, sun-dried tomatoes, focaccia, red onion, turkey tomatoes, and a few greens is essential for me on a deeper level. Write this recipe down on my memorial stone.

In addition to being a delicious, tasty sandwich, it’s also there for me and their loved ones) When I’m exhausted and have no energy, I want it more.

We recommend this for the red alert/everyone is hungry and trying to get out the door at night.

I always think I will have one piece of food and then take another? and half of a third. It’s all the layers and textures, as well as the flavor. The sharpness of onions against the smooth pesto mayo. The delicious tomato with the richness of turkey, bread and. Ugh.

It’s a real-life way of living.

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