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Kids Should Eat Furikake and Other Wisdom from Alain Ducasse

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A multi-Michelin-starred French chef and father of three, Alain Ducasse, shares his focus on vegetables and why he introduces his kids to truffles and other unusual foods.

In his recently published cookbook — Alain Ducasse Cooking for Kids: From Babies to Toddlers: Simple, Healthy, and Natural Food (Rizzoli; $25) — the multi-Michelin-starred French chef and father of three shares his vegetable-heavy recipes along with his persuasive food philosophy on why our kids should be eating healthier.

Why would you want to create a cookbook that contains recipes for toddlers and infants?

HopeThese recipes can help parents guide their children to eat healthy and natural food from an early age.

How will having three children of your own alter your view of how your parents feed their kids?

You become more conscious of issues like child o,besity, for instance. These issues are often ignored for years.

What’s the most important thing for getting children to eat better?

Children are influenced by what they eat their parents, so should parents who eat steamed seafood and veggies, they will follow suit.

Do we have the ability to improve the taste?

What is essential for me (and my children) is authentic local ingredients. If you start from the beginning, which is the crucial moment when the flavors are natural, then it will give your child to speak as time passes.

Why are there more than meat and vegetables?

I’ve developed a keen passion for food professionally and personally in what I call the three-part series, which includes fish, vegetables, and cereal. It is possible to enjoy the world of fresh tastes by elevating these essential items. As cooks (at home or in a restaurant) to live a more sensible behavior that is in harmony with nature, adopting a healthy method to protect the delicate ecological balance on our globe.

The concept of a savory muffin may not be new; however, what made squid work its way into muffins?

The purpose is to conceal the texture and appearance without sacrificing nutrition and an opportunity to develop your palate.

In your recipes of Macaroni, Ham, and Truffle. Why not introduce something as luxurious as truffle in the 12 months following?

It’s similar to traveling. It’s an adventure to take their taste buds to places they’ve never had before!

What’s the most unusual food your kids can consume?

My son loves sprinkles of furikake (a lightly salted Japanese condiment) seasoning on rice. I have brought back various varieties from Japan, including fish flakes and seaweed.

If your parents were given one thing they learned in your book, what would it be?

Cooking is only accessible with quality ingredients. Stockbreeders, fishermen, gardeners, foragers, and many more [provide us with all the beautiful elements that cooks would waste time.

Does the food we give our children today affect our children’s future?

I was raised on a farm and ate the fruits and vegetables from the garden and farm thrice daily. This shaped my eating habits and food, and I’m aware that practicing “naturalness” from the beginning can be a lifelong habit.

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