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The Best Coconut Waters, According to Food Network Staffers

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If you’re searching for the ideal base for your smoothies or are looking for a tasty beverage to drink after a long day, everyone is filling their refrigerators with coconut water. It’s advertised for its benefits in hydration and its nutritional value and is well-known for its high potassium levels, but for some, it’s a tad palatable taste. Because not all coconut water is created equal, We contacted our staffers to learn what they prefer to drink.

Harmless Harvest Organic Coconut Water Drink

Harmless Harvest’s coconut water, which you can always spot because of its pink color¬†(which occurs naturally when the water’s antioxidants react with light) are the kind of coconut water I reach for when I want to indulge myself. Many of the regular brands that are sold on shelves such as Vita Coco, which I like, but aren’t as sweet. However, sipping Harmless Harvest feels like drinking the coconut’s champagne and you can smell the distinct difference in the freshness. One benefit (and negative) for Harmless Harvest is the fact that it needs refrigeration even before opening, and costs a little higher price. The cost increase is well worth the value However, when I’m working on a smaller spending budget Vita Coco is also a tried and true. I usually consume coconut water before embarking on a flight (airplane air is often dry and can cause me to get a headache! ) Also, following a workout, after a late evening out, or an extended day enjoying the sunshine. I prefer coconut water over sports drinks because the taste isn’t as sweet but equally satisfying as it is hydrating and nourishing.

Typically, when I go for coconut water, it’s usually because I’m craving a hydrating drink with lots of flavors. This is the reason Harmless Harvest’s coconut water is my top choice. The bottles tend to be smaller than those of other brands (and more expensive! ) However, it’s sweetness is intense that it’s like the ideal quantity. I like using coconut water as a base in smoothies. Still, I generally choose other great but cheaper brands (like Vita Coco) for mixing. I stick to Harmless Harvest to drink.

Vita Coco Pressed Organic Coconut Water

If you’re looking to purchase coconut water that is authentically coconut flavor, Vita Coco’s pressed range is among the most popular. It’s Vita Coco’s signature coconut water blended with coconut cream, creating even more creamy coconut water that is much more “coconutty” than their signature cartons. I love this blend into smoothies with fruit or even as a drink following a workout to assist in reducing potassium.

Zola 100% Pure Coconut Water

My favorite coconut drink is Zola. A while ago, the founders of Zola appeared on Food Network’s Food Network Kitchen to share their product. I was surprised to take pleasure in drinking the coconut water straight. Usually, I’d conceal the taste in the form of a smoothie or juice with greens; however, this one is a fresh-tasting drink similar to a natural coconut. The coconuts come from Thailand, and the taste differs from other brands. It is a complete, fragrant coconut flavor. It’s been a staple in the supermarket for many years.

Harmless Harvest Organic Coconut Smoothie

I swear by these after a workout or when I’m on the go and require an easy snack. Although it’s not an alternative to a real smoothie, the combination of coconut milk and beef gives it a more substantial texture than plain water. They also are perfect for drinking during meals. Its mango taste is fresh and not overly sweet, while the classic coconut flavor is delicious. I’m not a big lover of chocolate, however.

Once Upon a Coconut¬†water (never made from concentrate) is made from coconuts that true experts from Ben Tre, Vietnam, have carefully harvested. This is not just the most delicious coconut water I’ve ever tasted (seriously, there’s something unique in this water). The company also donates 10% of its earnings to various non-profit organizations.

Is Coconut Water Healthy?

One cup of plain coconut water has approximately 45 calories, 11 11 grams of carbs, and 450 milligrams of potassium. It’s low in cholesterol, fats, and proteins. Look up the labels on your preferred coconut water brand, as added flavors and sweeteners can increase the calories.

What Does Coconut Water Taste Like?

Some people might consider plain coconut water to be refreshing, whereas some might consider it to be what you would call an acquired flavor. It has a light coconut scent but doesn’t have the pronounced taste of more fat-rich coconut milk (a mixture of coconut flesh and coconut liquid). The flavor-infused coconut water flavor-infused coconut water is available, but check the ingredient list for sugars added and sweeteners.

How to Use Coconut Water

It can be enjoyed by itself or mixed into a drink or smoothie. It can be blended with peanut butter or Sriracha to create a simple peanut sauce or combined with olive oil and lime juice for salad dressing. It can also replace water or stock for making coconut rice.

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