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Best Healthy Meals for Kids to Lose Weight

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The best healthy meals for kids to lose weight are many.  The main problem that children today are facing is the problem of becoming over weight. There are different types of food that are posing a threat for the younger generations. The young kids are getting attracted to these fast foods that taste delicious but are very harmful for their health. These food items are also responsible for the problem of children gaining weight in an alarmingly fast pace. Thus there is the need to make some healthy meals for kids to lose weight which will be delicious and nutritious at the same time. Though the options are plenty, finding healthy meals to lose weight on a budget can crop up in form of a problem.

This problem has to be tackled in a proper manner.

4 Steps:

1.Research on the internet some tasty alternatives. (Make sure to do this with the kids). Don’t forget to include the evening and Saturday snacks.

2. Plan your weekly menu with spices to use.

3. Leave the kids at home when shopping with your LIST. (This will save you Money, aggravation and time). Shopping is not pocket friendly when you take Kids. The chains pay out serious money on layout to entice not only the kids but you too!

4. Morning and lunch drinks add 4oz grapefruit juice and eliminate high fructose (HFCS) drinks. Fight fire with fire , if your kid is hopelessly loss in the sugar drink craze, I would put a drop of red food dye in juice or lemonade ( Yes I said it) and 4 packs of stevia in the “new delicious juice”. Your additive is a lot less harmful than HFCS.

The following are some of the healthy food meals that will help your kids to lose weight:


  • Smoked Salmon Wraps

This is a particular type of dish that requires proper smoking of the fish in order for it to be cooked adequately.Of course no respectable grocery store would be without Jewish LOX. Ad some rich dark green lettuce, a coupl;e medium slied tomatoes and couple dashes of a basic Balsamic vinaigrette and extra virgin Olive Oil. (This dressing will have a natural sweetness, but add a dash of stevia to make it extra GOOD.)  No other oils or any other form of fat is needed which brings down the calorie count of the dish. The wrap is best made with whole wheat, but there are spinach green and tomato red colored wraps. These will also lower the calories. As salmon fish and wraps are cost effective, this can be counted as one of the healthy meals to lose weight on a budget.

  • Eggs n Fresh Sauteed Spinach Greens

As the name suggests, this dish is prepared with eggs and different type of green vegetables. This dish too is healthy as only a few drops of oil are required to saute a handful of fresh spinach, 1 tbsp minced shallots, 1 clove of minced garlic and pinch of crushed fennel seeds. Heat spice and onion in drizzled hot oil for a minute then add veggie. Cook for 3 minutes and hold. Slightly sauté the eggs and place on the bed of warm spinach. The spinach can be altered to just about any veggie that the kids prefer. This is a healthy dish to stimulate taste bud and to lose weight without compromising with your appetite. This also can be counted among the other healthy meals that are also pocket friendly.

  • Savory English Muffin /agave nectar and Boiled egg

We all need a healthy diet to lose weight. Toasted English Muffin with agave nectar and boiled egg. Add a 4oz grapefruit juice and you are smoking. This should be achieved without making any kind of compromises with the normal diet of the child. We must remember that the kids need a balanced diet to grow properly. This low on calorie dish can be considered as an alternative to the high calorie dishes. This muffin can be consumed without any feeling of guilt.

  • Home Fries With Turkey Sausage

This dish can make the cut to fall within the list of healthy foods to lose weight. In this dish we can make use fresh or leftover baked potato large diced with that the kids like with salt, pepper, garlic , and light sprinkle of cinnamon. (try it you will LOve It)and slightly sauté that in light olive oil, thus lowering the fat content.  Before serving sprinkle lightly with “Ground Flax Seed”, kids won’t even notice. The Turkey sausage can be home made or store brought, making it high in protein  nutritional value. So, this item can be easily called one of the healthy meals for kids to lose weight.

  • Chocolate Cherry Waffles

It is very difficult to believe that an item like chocolate syrup can fall among the list of healthy foods to lose weight. This chocolate syrup has been made with the lightest chocolate available in the market that has low fat content or plain low calorie. The waffles are made buckwheat flour and coconut oil with stevia and agave syrup for sweetness.  Garnish with Cherries/Strawberries/Blueberries, even Kiwi if in season! This meal is not very fatty. On the whole, this dish has a count of less than 350 calories.


Importance of healthy meals for kids to lose weight

After getting to know all types of dishes that help kids in losing excessive weight, the task of preparing food for them will become a bit easy. There are many reasons why these types of dishes are important in the daily food pattern of kids. The following are some of them:

  • Healthy meals that prompt weight loss in kids is an important way of teaching the kids what they should eat and what are the things that they need to avoid to maintain their body weight properly.
  • The kids are prone to fall sick very quickly due to their unmanageable weight. The list of healthy meals for kids to lose weight will prevent them from falling sick as it will also work on cutting down the excess weight.
  • Meals that are mainly developed for the purpose of helping the kids lose extra weight will prevent them from chronic heart diseases, diabetes, and chronic obesity. Due to the extra weight they carry, problems like these can arise in the future. So the healthy meals will reduce their weight.
  • Keeping the kids’ stomach empty is never advised. These healthy meals prevents the situation of the children staying n empty stomachs on one hand and helps in reducing weight on the other hand.

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