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10 Stepped-Up Cucumber Salads

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It’s that time when the cucumber season is in full swing! There are many ways to spice up salads with this excellent summer crop. Here are some great ideas to include in your recipe collection.

Getting Creative

Cucumber salads are traditionally prepared with a vinegar-based dressing similar to my five-ingredient recipe with five ingredients. It’s always a favorite during my regular gathering with my family for Labor Day barbecue. With no excessive fat, the calories remain relatively low for a serving.

You can choose yogurt-based dressings or add a little mayonnaise for a more creative approach. Make it more flavorful with freshly chopped chili peppers, broken red pepper pieces, cumin seeds that have been toasted, and sesame seeds. Add fresh herbs like mint or dill. Use Sea salt, kosher salt, and freshly crushed black pepper. Add delicious fruit, such as mango, lychee mango, dates, orange, and avocado, or choose veggie additions, such as watercress, red onion, and snap peas.

To prevent a wet cuke salad, rinse the cucumbers before mixing them into the salad. There are a variety of ways to do this. Some prefer placing their cucumbers inside a filter and then setting a large pot or bowl over it. I like sprinkling my cucumbers with salt from Kosher and then letting them sit for an hour. The salt helps to remove a lot of the excess water. After that, I squeeze out the excess water using clean hands.

10 Food-Themed Kids’ Toys We Wish We’d Had Growing Up

Gift your imagination and a love of food and cooking to children in your family.

Be aware that prices and stock can alter after publication, and we could earn money from this affiliate.

Growing up, the toys that were based around food could have been as simple as taking pots, pans, and wooden spoons from the kitchen cabinets of your parents and fumbling with the most imaginative meal your family had ever “tasted.”

Today, the number of fun and imaginative food-related toys is seemingly endless. While you may feel you didn’t get to experience the enjoyment of these fun and delicious toys, now you have an environment that is safe for your child to play and learn in a kitchen-like climate.

The kitchen in the family is where kids develop lifelong skills, and phrases like “Let me try!” are frequently heard. But, the kitchen must be a safe space for children to play independently.

This is where pretend play using food-themed toys can be beneficial and gives your child the tools to learn and grow. In terms of fine motor development to building their creativity, imagination, and cognitive abilities, It’s provided that when you play with these toys, your child will have a fantastic time serving one of the best and most imaginative desserts you’ve ever tasted!

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Servin’ Up Fun Food Truck

The food truck is powered by imagination and a desire to feed others. It has a fun food preparation area with an area for washing dishes and a cash register, which reads each of the four menu items. Your child will serve meals all day long while dancing and singing along to more than 125 songs, sounds, and phrases.

Charcuterie Basket by Tender Leaf Toys

Your kids have likely watched you create a charcuterie platter and waited in awe for their own. Well, you can now! The hand-crafted wicker basket is packed with goodies from charcuterie, like a slice of egg pie and ham, a bacon rasher, a spool of sausages from the butcher, and more.

Theo Klein Mini Toy Coffee Shop Store

Your child can now include baristas and the proprietor of a coffee shop in the resume. After a great espresso is served, guests can go to the checkout and pay using their fake debit card, teaching your child how to interact with others and enhance their creativity. The set also includes two muffins and doughnuts, which accompany a warm coffee, Joe.

Le Toy Van Popcorn Machine

You can enjoy a cinema experience at the convenience of your home. This distinctive popcorn machine from the past features real-time popping motions inside the model. It is coupled with a vibrant popcorn pot that can be used to serve. Show tickets and cut-out salty and sweet popcorn tickets are included in this unique set.

Sushi Kit

The fun of pretend play is endless when you have this multi-item sushi kit. It comes with scent-infused sensory dough to roll sushi and chopsticks to assist in developing the fine motor skills of your child will be having a blast in letting their imagination fly.

Scoop & Serve Ice Cream Counter

The set includes a sturdy wooden tabletop countertop that can hold eight wooden spoons filled with various flavors of ice cream with six different toppings and two cones, the scooper for ice cream, and more. The scooper is inserted inside a slot over the ice cream scoops, allowing your child to test their independence and imagination.

Soft Pasta Set

Get the chef in your child by using this top-quality easy pasta dish. Materials used in this set are reminiscent of the actual kitchen equipment, including the stainless steel colander, pot, and wooden pastry wheel. See your child’s imagination grow as they make their pasta dish.

Slice & Toss Salad Set

Here’s where the world of health and creativity intersect. This set includes everything your child requires to make a healthy, well-balanced salad. With lots of toppings like green peppers and olives and two dressings for salads, This set comes with a knife for cutting, wooden utensils, and a bowl.

Toy Baked Goods Food Set – Hearth and Hand Magnolia

As a cook’s assistant, baking is always a fun time. (Especially when you’re taking a spoon and licking it). Now, your child can bake independently and make delicious and innovative baked goods such as biscotti, cinnamon rolls, muffins, and croissants. The components of this set are made from wood, and a charming dessert tray for serving is also included.

Top & Bake Pizza Counter – Wooden Play Food

This set of 34 pieces of pizza making wooden lets your child make the perfect pie just as they prefer it. With everything pizza lovers need, including a pizza box with tasty toppings, a fictitious rolling cutter, recipe instructions, and even play money, this set gives your child everything they need to speed up their child’s creativity.


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