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Know Whiskey Difference Bourbon Scotch Rye Irish

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Take a seat up and take a look in the mirror. What do you see? A whiskey drinker who is able to tell the origin of a bottle by its colour? Or an amateur who can’t tell the difference between Yamazaki Sherry Single Malt and cheaper stuff?

Everyone can benefit from being educated about the brown stuff, regardless of their preferences. This article will help you distinguish Kentucky Bourbon from Japanese Whisky. This article can be read in Alec Baldwin’s voice to make it sound enchanting. You should do this whenever you read anything. Let’s get started.

What is whiskey?

Good question! Technically, it’s a distilled alcoholic drink made from fermented grains mash. The mash is usually aged in wood casks which give it a distinct brown color. Jack Daniel’s and Maker’s Mark are all popular whiskey brands. Bulleit, Bulleit (Johnnie Walker), Bulleit, Johnnie Walker and — every dad’s favourite — The Macallan are also good choices. There are many confusing subsets within the “whiskey” category, which often contain subtle but important differences.

What is the difference between whiskey and bourbon?

This one is a bit tricky, but we’ll get there. A whiskey must have at least 51% corn, wheat, malted rye or rye to be considered bourbon. The mixture must be kept in oak containers, charred oak containers, and it cannot contain any additives. This law effectively separates bourbon and all other spirits.

Bourbon tastes like this:

Tennessee whiskey is just bourbon, but with a different name.

We are glad you asked. The main difference between these whiskeys is their location. Tennessee whiskey is produced in Tennessee, while bourbon was created by Shelbyville Kentucky. Just kidding. The Lincoln County Process is a way to filter whiskey. This involves the whiskey being steeped in charcoal and then being filtered through. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey is the most well-known. It, along with other Tennessee distillers, doesn’t refer its product as Bourbon.

Tennessee whiskey tastes like Bourbon, if you’re being truthful

Brands You Should Know About: Jack Daniel, Collier and McKeel

Scotch: What does it mean?

Scotch, technically whisky, is whisky that has been distilled in Scotland and matured there. Scotch is mainly made from malted barley, while bourbon is made primarily from corn. Scotch tastes very much like bourbon but has a distinctive “bite” that lingers behind your taste buds. Scotch can be a bit bitter for some, but it is a taste that many people love. For others, however, Scotch can be a richer experience. Scotch should never be attempted by amateurs.

Scotch tastes like Rubber and wood. It’s a great way to actually.

Brands You Should Know: Cutty Skark, Glenlivet Johnnie Walker, Macallan

What is Canadian whisky?

Canadian whisky, also spelled without “e”, can be used interchangeably with “rye whisky” (also in Canada). Canadian whisky is generally lighter and smoother than other whiskies. Plus, Don Draper drinks it. Although it can be made with many grains, the most common ingredient is corn. Canada’s interchangeability was possible because rye was once a very popular ingredient.

Canadian tastes similar to: Plain smooth whisky. This is a solid choice for novice whisky drinkers.

Brands You Should Know: Canadian Mist. Crown Royal. Canadian Club

What about rye?

Rye whiskey is a whiskey made from at least 51% of rye. What is rye? Rye is a type if grass that is closely related to barley and a member the wheat tribe.

Rye tastes like A spicy, grainy and hard-edged version bourbon. Like bourbon’s younger, maverick brother. Let’s call him “Maverick.”

Brands You Should Know: Journeyman Ravenswood and Van Winkle Family Reserve

Let’s talk Irish whiskey

While most Scottish whiskey is distilled twice before being bottled, Irish whiskey ( with an ‘e’) goes through three rounds. Irish whiskey is more barley-based than Scottish whiskey and has a milder, less smoky taste. Fun fact: To be legally considered whiskey, Irish whiskey must have been aged for three years in wood casks in Ireland.

Irish whiskey tastes like Very smooth and less sweet than American bourbons. Great for sipping.

Brands You Should Know: Jameson and Midleton, Green Spot

What is white whiskey? Is white whiskey just moonshine or is it something else? What exactly is moonshine?

Moonshine is shorthand for un-aged, quickly distilled corn mash. According to Wikipedia, it “was derived from the term “moonrakers” used for early English smugglers as well as the clandestine (i.e. by the light of a moon) nature the operation.” Technically, whiskey that is labeled as “moonshine”, in stores, is actually just white whiskey. “Moonshine,” however, refers to illegal hooch made at-home. This stuff isn’t in a wooden barrel, so it’s not white.

White whiskey tastes similar to: Whiskey-flavored vodka

Brands You Should Know: Hudson NY Corn Whiskey Bully Boy, Buffalo Trace White Dog

Just so you are clear, moonshine tastes like Fire. It’s almost always at a ridiculously high proof

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