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Imperfect Recipes – Vol. Taco

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Hi, it’s me, Isaac. It was my habit to create analogs, puns, jokes, and jokes. I would also often write articles about dining out, too. Instead of writing blog posts that five of you awaited regularly, I decided to write something different this year:

Create a book of taco recipes that nobody has ever would have

Wow, really should’ve promoted it better, not knowing to mention that I’m selling it. The best part is that it’s FREE. Yes, I’m living the same thing, and I’m certainly not planning to charge someone to listen to me make taco puns and add the Rick and Morty joke to the Salmon Tostada recipe (yes, it’s there).

I hope you like it (possible) and make use of it (doubtful). Make sure to share this (100 one to 100) and tell me what your thoughts are (or, at the very least, lie and affirm that you like the photos).

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