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Hearty Egg Breakfasts under 360 Calories

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Breakfast is a common way to start the day. You can stuff eggs into sandwiches, top with vegetables galore, or eat them plain with a drizzle of hot sauce. 

Chickens and other egg-laying creatures are kept widely throughout the world, and the mass production of chicken eggs is a global industry. In 2009, an estimated 62.1 million metric tons of eggs were produced worldwide from a total laying flock of approximately 6.4 billion hens.

Since prehistory, bird eggs have been valuable foodstuffs in both hunting societies and more recent cultures where birds were domesticated. The chicken probably was domesticated for its eggs (from jungle fowl native to tropical and subtropical Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent) before 7500 BCE.

These 10 easy morning meals are under 360 calories:

1. Spaghetti Squash Egg Cups

Nutrition per serving: Calories : 288; Total fat : 18g, Saturated Fat : 7g, Monounsaturated fatty : 7g; Cholesterol : 357mg and Sodium : 424mg. Carbohydrate: 13g. Dietary Fiber: 1g. Sugar : 3g. Protein: 19g

2. Baked Egg Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Nutrition per serving: Calories 250; Total Fat 10g, Saturated Fat 3g, Monounsaturated fat 4g; Cholesterol 423mg and Sodium 181mg. Carbohydrate 24g. Dietary Fiber 4g. Sugar 10g. Protein 15g

3.Poached Egg + Crispy Prosciutto Avocado Toast

Nutrition per serving: Calories : 273; Total fat : 6g; Saturated fat : 3g; Monounsaturated fat : 2g. Cholesterol : 195mg. Sodium : 661mg. Carbohydrate: 22g. Dietary Fiber: 2g. Sugar: 4g. Protein: 15g

4. Mediterranean eggs

Nutrition per serving: Calories : 265; Total Fat : 20g, Saturated Fat : 8g, Monounsaturated fatty : 8g; Cholesterol : 344; Salt : 347mg. Carbohydrate: 9g. Dietary Fiber: 2g. Sugar: 4g. Protein: 14g

5. Sweet Potato Breakfast Burritos

Nutrition per serving: Calories : 255; Total Fat :10g, Saturated Fat :3g; Monounsaturated fat :5g; Cholesterol :100mg. Sodium :465mg. Carbohydrate: 38g. Dietary Fiber: 2g. Sugar: 5g. Protein:14g

6. Egg & Quinoa Breakfast Muffins

Nutrition per serving: Calories 101; Total Fat 6g, Saturated Fat 2g, Monounsaturated fat 1g; Cholesterol 109mg and Sodium 109mg. Carbohydrate 6g. Dietary Fiber 1g. Sugar 1g. Protein 7g

7. Egg with Bacon and Brussels Sprout Hash

Nutrition per serving: Calories : 359; Total fat : 5g, Saturated Fat : 5g, Monounsaturated fatty : 17g; Cholesterol : 194mg. Sodium : 651mg. Carbohydrate: 15g. Dietary Fiber: 6g. Sugar : 3g. Protein: 16g

8. Sausage & Vegetable Egg Bake

Nutrition per serving: Calories 340; Total Fat :14g; Saturated fat :6g; Monounsaturated fat :4g; Cholesterol :260mg and Sodium : 632mg. Carbohydrate: 26g. Dietary Fiber : 3g. Sugar: 17g. Protein: 27g

9. Mexican Breakfast Cups

Nutrition per serving: Calories : 138; Total fat: 9g, Saturated Fat : 3g, Monounsaturated fatty : 2g; Cholesterol : 182mg and Sodium : 377mg. Carbohydrate: 7g. Dietary Fiber: 1g. Sugar: 1g. Protein: 10g

10. Acorn Squash Egg in-the-Hole

Nutrition per serving: Calories : 157; Total Fat : 9 g; Saturated fat : 3g; Monounsaturated fat : 2g. Cholesterol : 217mg. Cholesterol : 203mg. Carbohydrate : 12g. Dietary Fiber : 2g. Sugar : 0g. Protein : 9g

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