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Gochujang Chicken Burgers with Kimchi Bacon Jam

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Holy smokes! These Gochujang Burgers are the best! The bacon jam made with Kimchi is a ten-point delight – spicy, sweet, tangy, and spicy. As bizarre as it may sound, adding a slice of gouda cheese will make it delicious. Everyone was in awe!

How To Make These Gochujang Burgers

Step 1: Make the Kimchi Bacon Jam

I prefer Kimchi cut into smaller pieces, so I cut it into smaller pieces (along with bacon).

Cook the bacon until crispy, and add the brown sugar and Kimchi. It makes a delicious jam-like, yummy mixture.

Step 2: Mix the Chicken Burgers

Combine all components – I typically make this by making the mixture by…

…and shape into four patties.

Step 3: Fry the Burgers

I grill them on grill pans, and I love them with a slice of Gouda on the top. (!!)

Step 4: Assemble the Burgers

Begin with toasted buns, mayonnaise, and hamburgers.

Make kimchi bacon jam with cucumber slices.

Then, finish with a knot of cilantro.

Step 5: Devour!

Lindsay’s Notes

Okay! Get ready! I can’t believe the quality of these burgers!

This flavor combination was, honestly, my effort to keep finding ways to enjoy the chicken burgers with teriyaki sauce. I love them very much. I made the same recipe to add more energy but gave them a slightly different taste (gochujang is never disappointed). I added the bacon kimchi jam (the identical one we used to make the Kimchi grilled cheese) and hello. HELLO. One of my favorite sticky, smoky, spicy, and sweet burgers came into existence.

The flavors The flavors could I possibly say. They’ll make you smile. The chicken burgers are mildly spicy, the cilantro and cucumbers keep it crunchy and fresh, and the kimchi bacon jam is spicy, sweet, and sticky, and everything I would want as a topping for burgers.

I know you’re likely to ask questions, But the gouda slice! It’s golden.


Gochujang Chicken Burgers:

  • One lb. ground chicken
  • 1/2 cup panko breadcrumbs
  • 2 Tablespoons Gochujang sauce(I employ this recipe)
  • One teaspoon of garlic powder
  • One tablespoon of coarse salt from Kosher.
  • Avocado oil or olive oil to fry

Kimchi Bacon Jam:

  • Six slices of bacon to be cut into small pieces
  • 1.5 cups of Kimchi broken into tiny chunks of shreddy (my favorite texture!)
  • 2 Tablespoons brown sugar

Burger Extras:

    • Buns
    • Cheese (optional – I use gouda cheese)
    • Cilantro, as well as greens
    • Mayo
    • Slices of cucumber


  1. Kimchi Bacon jam:  Place bacon pieces in an oven-proof skillet at medium-high heat. Crispy and golden, fry until golden and the fat is rendered. Take off a little excess oil (optional), then add brown sugar and Kimchi into the skillet. Sauté for 3-5 minutes until the sugar is caramelized and bubbly.
  2. Chicken Burgers: Mix the chicken panko, gochujang, garlic powder, and salt until well combined. Form into 4-5 burger patties.
  3. BurgersTransfer the burgers into a big skillet. Add avocado oil, and fry till golden brown on the outside and 160 degrees in the middle.
  4. Make your Burgers Make your bread toasty on the grill; serve the burgers on toasty buns and top with the Kimchi bacon jam, a green of your choice, and mayonnaise. So, it’s good.


Nutrition information does not include burger extras.

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