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Debunking popular myths about diet and nutrition

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While nutrition is among the most talked about topics in healthcare for individuals, much bogus information circulating in the rumor mills must be sifted out.

Here, she dispels some of the most popular myths regarding diet and nutrition while countering the misinformation with facts:

Myth 1: Egg yolk raises cholesterol levels

Truth: Egg yolk is rich in cholesterol. But that doesn’t mean that eating egg yolks alone can increase cholesterol. All aspects of your diet are essential.

Myth 2. Pregnant women must consume two meals

Fact: No. It’s not about the quantity or amount of food the expecting mother consumes. The variety of nutrients make up an overall healthy pregnancy, and that is more crucial. Eating a balanced, diverse diet that will provide her with the nutrients is essential.

Myth3: Athletics must eat a lot of protein

The truth: Athletes should have high requirements for proteins. However, these proteins will not be helpful when they don’t exercise enough.

Myth4: Just intense exercise can cause you to lose weight

The truth: No, a balanced diet that is a good mix of the food we eat and the amount of activity we get will help you shed weight.

Myth5: Why you should have an after- and pre-workout snack

Truth: Yes, if you want to build muscle by exercising, snacks can give you enough energy to develop and keep your muscles.

Myth 6. People suffering from kidney issues shouldn’t eat bananas.

The truth: People with kidney issues can consume bananas. However, it is essential to be aware of the potassium levels of the diet, not just bananas.

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