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Cockroach Milk

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Did you know that cockroach milk can be a good source of protein? These creepy crawlies that live in your home is now a part of the next superfood.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear superfoods? You can have milkshakes, pomegranate juice or other healthy drinks. What if you were told that the next superfood is milk from an insect? Is that possible?

Recently, a team of researchers based at the Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine (India) discovered that milk from the Pacific Beetle Cockroach (mainly located in Australia) is high in protein.

“Cockroach milk” is the next superfood. In 2016, a team of researchers examined the milk-like substance produced by Pacific Beetle Cockroaches. Although this news was dismissed by many as fake, many scientists and consumers were intrigued by it.

Almond milk and soymilk are the best options, but cockroach milk is becoming hot.

You might have tried everything from ice cream laden with insects to doughnuts coated in insecticides. Did you know that cockroach milk is more beneficial than ice cream? Cockroach milk is reaping the health benefits again. According to some reports, cockroach milk has more energy than regular milk.

Experts believe that milk is composed of nutrient-rich crystals, which are more nutritious than dairy milk. These crystals can be considered milk as they are a type of liquid substance that the mother cockroach produces for her offspring. It also contains sugar, fat, proteins.

Unlike other species that lay eggs, these cockroaches give birth to keep them young. These rich crystals can be considered a complete food because they contain essential amino acids, fats, and sugars.

Cockroach Milk has lesser-known benefits:

#1- For muscle repair, Cockroach milk is good.

The protein crystals in milk contain more energy than the dairy milk from cows or buffaloes. The protein crystals contain amino acids that are helpful for muscle repair.

#2- Released proteins balance the Body’s Nutrients.

The crystals release the protein as the cockroach milk protein is digested. This is known as ‘time-release protein’, which allows for the proper flow of nutrients throughout the body.

#3- It’s a great alternative to non-dairy products.

Cockroach milk is a popular alternative to other non-dairy products because it has more nutrients and protein than buffalo or cow milk.

#4- Cockroach Milk Limitations

Although cockroach milk can benefit your health, there are some drawbacks. Below are the cons and disadvantages of this new superfood.

#5- It’s high in fat

Cockroach milk is high-fat and rich in protein. Although fats are important in the diet, this superfood has more calories than regular milk.

#6- To make a glass of milk takes tons of cockroaches.

Cockroach milk isn’t readily available because it requires tons and tons of cockroaches being killed to make a glass.

#7- It doesn’t help with weight loss.

Cockroach milk is a high-calorie, 700-calorie per eight-ounce glass of milk. Buffalo milk, on the other hand, has only 200 calories.

#8- Available only in South Africa (Till date)

According to reports, cockroach milk is only available in ice cream form at the Tokai Earth Fair Market. It is also not readily available in large quantities.

What You Need to Know About Pacific Beetle Cockroach?


The Pacific Beetle Cockroaches, which can reach up to 1 inch in length, are smaller than the males.


The Pacific Beetle cockroaches are small and have wings that reach their abdomens. They are dark brown in appearance and can sometimes be compared to brown beetles (so you now know where their name came from).

Where Are They Found?

These Pacific Beetle Cockroaches can be found anywhere from Asia to the Pacific Islands, as their name implies. They can be found outdoors but may also move indoors through plants.

How do they behave?

These cockroaches release a mixture of chemicals from their stomachs to defend themselves when they are attacked. They release a chemical that has an unpleasant odour. This can irritate the eyes.

They are well-known for girdling the branches and limbs of trees. They can even cause death. Brown spots around the tree indicate a Pacific cockroach infestation. Sometimes called the cypress or Pacific cockroach, the Pacific Beetle can also be known as the cypress cockroaches.

  • Diploptera Punctata gives birth to stay young.

Female cockroaches can give birth to between 6 and 13 nymphs at once. The average time to develop a newborn is 50-60 days.

What do scientists have to say about Cockroach Milk?

Millions of people were interested in Cockroach Milk. Cockroach milk became the talk of the town after it was revealed that it is healthy and an excellent alternative to dairy-free options.

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